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CR6075/44 CR6100/44 6Y2059 6Y8189 8E7928 ITM    G01100N1M00044 ITM G01100N1S00044 
D10N 2YD-1-UP    D10N 3SK-1-UP    D10R 3KR-1-UP    D10T RJG-1-UP BERCO     CR6075/44
BERCO     CR6100/44
CATERPILLAR     6Y2059  CATERPILLAR     6Y8189  CATERPILLAR     8E7928   G01100N1M00044 G01100N1S00044

Oil Track link High-degree inductive harden surface .the chain goes through thermal refining first, and then its chain rail surface undertakes medium frequency induction ,All the heart treatment ensure chain strength and wear-resisting property greatly .After hardening and tempering ,the inner and outer surfact of the pin wil have medium-frequency quenching treatment ,which ensures reasonable core strength and the wear resistance of inner and outside surface . the pin is done the tempering and the surface medium-frequency quenching treatment ,which ensures the sufficicnt hardness of core and abrasion resistance of extermal surfaces . Seal ring ,plug ,iron bushing and other components  are from korea .High quality seals can maximum the shelf life of oil chain , Oil chain pin must be filled in lubrication grease so as to protect from had working environment and not only resist high temperature ,but ensure strong wearing-resistance .Oil chain loose link has high requirement on precision ,to  

guarantee high seals performance .we use special CNC to make sure the technique .

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